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Peace Country Storm

This Original Acrylic painting is called “Peace Country Storm” and is 24″ high and 48″ wide. This painting was started in early July 2017 and started as a sketch idea/concept I had one evening after looking out the window after a recent rainfall / storm.

I started with a pencil and paper and sketch out a rough vision I had on what it might take to paint this. My next step was to work on a colour study. This involved me blending different colours on different layers in Adobe Photoshop. This allowed me to see how the colours might look when blended. I then painted my canvas with a light wash of Burnt Sienna so that I could get a sense of where to start. Painting on a white canvas is challenging and so the burnt sienna makes it easier.

The next stage was simply a matter of using a small rigger brush and drawing in some line shapes. I wanted to follow that with some solid blocks of colour. After a nights sleep I realized my perspective was out and I wanted a larger sky. My horizon was way to close to the middle. After redoing the centre of the painting and fixing my perspective on the fields, I started to work on the various areas of the painting. This took a number of days as I did a lot of colour washes and a lot of on canvas blending of colours.

The final result was the image you see here today. For those wondering about the sky, there were a lot of forest fires and smoke in the sky along with a storm so the colours really ranged from the dark smoky clouds to orange / red sun and blue sky with incoming storm clouds coming from the right side.

I used a series of bright colours on the bottom right to represent homes and properties. This is not a true representation (obviously) and is a bit abstract. I really wanted to share all the colour I saw and continue to see during the summer month’s storms and forest fires.

This original painting is for sale for $850 firm $CDN. I have had a lot of interest in this painting since posting on Instagram and Facebook so feel free to contact me at 250-784-8383

New Abstract – River Of Stone

I was experimenting with painting stone and then a river of stones in the blue / green / purple

This painting involved initial layers of warm browns followed by a texture medium. This is followed by 45+ coats of transparent colour and layering. I then paint rock cracks and made some minor adjustments.

This original is for sale and is priced at $500 CDN or about $370 USD.

My paintings can be packaged and shipped all over Canada, the USA and some areas in Europe. We package them properly and then ship insured via Canada Post Express Post. Tracking is included. Shipping costs vary but I can provide a quote and details if required.

Mediterranean Painting

This original acrylic painting was part of series of painting from different locations around Europe. I was inspired by the architecture, colours and the proximity of the little towns on the water, complete with local fishing boats.

Many different colours were mixed for this painting and it took sometime to get the feeling I was looking for. This paint is for sale. My plans are to look at creating some prints that can be sold in the very near future.

As an aside, this painting was inspired by many images I gather but was painted at Moberly Lake, BC where we have a log home on the water. A beautiful day listening to the water ripple was inspiring!

Birdhouse Prints Available After 13 Years

Back in about 2004 I painted a watercolour painting with a birdhouse on a fence. The original painting was donated to a promotion for Secretaries Day in Dawson Creek. The winner was Susan Arseniuk and she still has this painting today on her wall.

I also printed a very limited production of prints that were 70% the original and were numbered. At that time I mentioned to many supporters that I would not sell any other prints for at least 10 years. Once the were sold, they were gone. Well after 13 years, I decided (based on dozens of requests) to do another print run of the Birdhouse painting. The prints would be a few different sizes but would be GiCléé prints with inks that last 150+ years.

The sizes and the prices are being assembled at this time and I expect to have them available in the next few weeks. If you are interested, please contact me asap as I expect there will be alot of demand and I am once again limited the production run.

Recent Paintings and Techniques


The above Coloured Stones began as an experiment with mediums. Mediums are pastes and gels that you apply to the surface of a painting or mix with acrylic paint to give certain effects. I wanted a rocky surface effect and so I applied this paste to my painting before adding colour. I then started with shadows and highlights and about 20 different colours. The final stage was to create acrylic washes of colour ( this acrylic paint and mixed with water) for a transparent effect. What you end up with is layers of colours that reflect the light and glow.

The above Acrylic Painting is for sale for $300 CDN for the original. It is 18″ x 24″. Contact me TODAY!

About Gordon

Gordon Currie has been painting watercolours and acrylics for over 10 years. His work has been displayed all over Canada and the US in both private collections and displays.


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