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Long Awaited Art Website Update

Hi everyone!

Well, I have been very tardy with updates on my site this past 6 months. I am still actively painting (both digitally and acrylics). So where to start?

Health Update

These past 6 months, I have had to deal with my health challenges. They included side effects from my May 2020 stroke. Additionally, I have lost a lot of weight ( down to 139 lbs from 175 lbs two years ago). This coupled with some dizziness and tiredness made it hard for me to work much, if at all. I was on short-term disability in the fall of 2020 and I had to fight to get my long term disability. It finally was approved/arrived in mid-spring. In May of this year, I was hospitalized after collapsing at our cabin at Moberly Lake, BC. After a few days, I was released. Not sure what happened.

I am now back to pretty much normal and actively painting about 45% digitally, 40% on acrylics, and about 15% experimenting with watercolours and pen and ink. Also using some Gouache (opaque watercolours) a bit.

Art Update

Most of my art lately,  has been a blend of Landscapes, Mountain / Lake scenes, abstracts, and some old English architecture (Costwold architecture).

I did spend a number of months building fantasy houses and castles in Cardboard, Balsa Wood and other crafting supplies. I would then paint them and detail them. I also went back to painting miniatures (Warhammer and other types of Orks and Orges). This helped me pass some time as I was dealing with lawyers on my disability claim. Glad that was resolved.

I will be attaching some images of my art projects. I was very affected by COVID rules and could not focus much on selling the prints of my art. This was disappointing but for my own health and others I had to isolate for a number of months. I am fully vaccinated now and the rules are relaxing this summer. I hope to put on a display of my art prints ( I printed quite a few when Covid hit). My plan is to hopefully sell some online and in a coffee shop locally. If y health improves, I will set up an online Shopify store. If you are interested in prints (very high quality and different sizes) contact me. I limit how many I print to keep the value up.

As mentioned above, I am experimenting with different types of art. I am returning to many of my roots with Watercolour and Garden images. I am creating some small pen and ink drawings that are coloured with Windsor Newton colored markers (alcohol-based). I hope to be able to display some work soon. My goal is to paint “Plein air” outside this summer if the heat is not too hot. I have always wanted to paint with others outside (around town or at the lake).

I am still very active online with the Procreate Community ( Procreate is the #1 iPad drawing/painting program). I create original artworks and also create digital mockups of my acrylic paintings to suss out ideas for artworks and colour palettes. I am a moderator on a number of online communities donating time to help other artists, teaching them how to market and create art. I work in spurts as I have the energy and work 1-2 hrs at a time. Usually on the couch on my iPad Pro.

On the topic of iPad’s, the New iPad Pro came out with the new chip (A12 I believe) and I hope to save up for one of these. Coupled with the new Generation 2 Apple Pencil, it will help me create artwork. Some of my artworks are large in size on the iPad so I need to get one with a lot of memory.

I continue to follow my youngest brother’s art career (Dave Currie) as he paints original acrylics. He is very successful with his art and it’s very much in demand. He has such a unique style and one day I would love to do a group show with him. When my father was alive ( he passed 2 years ago) I always wanted to do a show with Dad, Dave, and myself. That will not happen now but painting with Dave would be fun! Time will tell.

If anyone is interested in knowing what paintings are available or prints, drop me a note on my Contact Page or call me. I am doing some limited commissions but need to focus on marketing my existing paintings and prints now that I can see people post-covid.

Take care and I hope to share more as my health improves! Have a great day!!

Gordon Currie

About Gordon

Gordon Currie has been painting watercolours, acrylics for over 15 years. Gordon has painted Digitally on an iPad for 4 years/ His work has been displayed all over Canada, the US in private collections.


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