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Update Coming Soon!

Hello to my many website fans

Just a quick note, it’s been a month since I last posted. I wanted to share a quick update.

In November, it was determined I needed surgery and to see a specialist. I do NOT have Covid but due to the rules, I was not able to get in for surgery until January 18th. I did paint both acrylic originals and digital art but I have been quite sick with kidney issues and another ailment. The pain meds and issues relating to my ailment have made it difficult to work, paint much or deal with day to day living.

Once I recover later this month, I will post some examples of recent work. I expect to be back painting in February 2021. If you need to speak with me or inquire about availability of a painting, please email me, but do not post messages thru facebook at this time.

I appreciate your thoughts and well wishes. It’s appreciated! More art to come very soon.

Thanks for your patience!

Gordon Currie

About Gordon

Gordon Currie has been painting watercolours, acrylics for over 15 years. Gordon has painted Digitally on an iPad for 4 years/ His work has been displayed all over Canada, the US in private collections.


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